Now THIS is Fast Food

These people are the fastest at what they do, bar none! They've got it all figured out. Hell, they've probably been doing the same repetitious thing for years and years. I was just sure someone was going to lose an appendage during this video. I wonder why I these people are ... See the Rest

WOWWorstOf2015: What Was Up with the Dueling Colonel Sanders?

As an ad campaign it kind of fell flat, didn't it? I still don't think I understand what's going. So KFC decided to bring back their ... See the Rest

#MealswithWheels: UberEATS Is Changing How You Get Food Delivered (How Do You Feel About Melted #UberIceCream?)

Uber has revolutionized the car service industry, no doubt about it. (They are in a war with Mayor DeBlasio at the moment about his ... See the Rest

How McDonald’s French Fries Are Really Made

To combat the dreaded pink slime rumors, McDonald's has released some perky propaganda videos to show that their french fries come from, gasp, actual potatoes! Mythbusters' Grant Imahara is the (obviously) hired spokesperson for the campaign, who takes a look at the process from ... See the Rest

#MarriageEquality: Can A Taco Bell Ad Be Gay? Yaaasss!

The surest sign that marriage equality is going mainstream? National advertising dollars. Taco Bell gives gay marriage a funny on-target spin that shows coworkers ... See the Rest

Do You Wanna Fry with That?

... See the Rest

Mmmmm… Brains!

Ibrahim Langoo, a student in the UK, found what he described as a "wrinkled brain" inside a fried piece KFC chicken at a location in Colchester, Essex. “I threw it down onto my tray immediately," he ... See the Rest

The Only Ones We Need

Everyone knows about Chick-Fil-A's anti-gay stance, but who needs them when we've got these great fast food joints? Though whoever created this adorable ... See the Rest