So, Zayn Malik Popped Up In An Unexpected Place With New Hair

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Sadly, we barely get to see Zayn Malik anymore. Ever since he pulled a Justin Timberlake on One Direction, he's been laying low—especially on his social media. But here's hoping that this is the start of a new day! Earlier today, Zayn was seen with a fresh new blonde buzzed ... See the Rest

Hot Look of the Day: The Dior Pony!

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Omg! A new way to do '60s! A hair-extension ponytail dangling from looped plastic rings! SO CUTE! Says Harper's Bazaar: For the psychedelic-themed Dior Couture show, hairstylist Guido Palau came up with an inventive new way to do a ponytail using extensions and colored plastic ... See the Rest

Betsey Johnson Looks Well

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But slightly, how shall we say, different? Can't quite put my finger on it. Something about that rubber mask she's wearing. What's that? That's her ACTUAL FACE? Oh dear. Well, there you go. God bless her, the 70-year-old designer has pressed and plumped and burnished and buffed ... See the Rest

A Monkey on the Catwalk

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... See the Rest

Models Lipdubbing to Franz Ferdinand of the Day

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The Boys and Girls of Fashion Week take on Franz Ferdinand's "Do You Want To" and it's pretty damned adorable. By Jason Wu for Paris Vogue. ... See the Rest

Hot Look of the Day: Swamp Chic

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Indonesian designer Tex Saverio revealed his latest collection, The Revelation, for Jakarta Fashion Week 2012. Perfect for late-night cocktail parties in the bayou. Love it.  (via Walipop) ... See the Rest

Ryan Hosts Huge Fashion Week Party Tonight on Million Dollar Listing New York


From the RealityTVFans website: "Ryan gets a $25 million Soho apartment that’s more palace than penthouse. In his quest to market it creatively, he throws a Fashion Week party there which suddenly spirals out of control." Watch sneak peek "Huge Party but Huge Annoyance" and tune ... See the Rest

Runway Report: The Blonds

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For the first time, the sparkly queens of nightlife fashion, The Blonds, included menswear in their Fall 2012 collection, and if you can pull yourself away from the pretty, pretty faces of the models, the outfits are rather interesting. Sequin and beaded mini-togas in the first ... See the Rest