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Top 13 Game of Thrones Fashion Orgasms

The rabble-rouser's brilliant caftan

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Looks to Look for

The absolutely brilliant Spring/Summer collection from Non has me frothing at the mouth. Innovative new silhouettes, billowing new shapes, feminine pleats on masculine classics, it's everything I've been dreaming of and more. It redefines what menswear actually is. Click here for the complete collection as well as contact information etc. (And feel ... See the Rest

The look

Kim K and Kanye are both giving us très distingué luxist/Maximalist looks – Kim with her single, be-feathered fox sleeve (in which posing with your hand on your hip is ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY) and Kanye with those marvelous man-ropes of pearls and gold chains. There's also the matter of his bejeweled cuff, which I am totally digging as well. Yes, yes, ... See the Rest


Is James Franco's cardigan supposed to be uneven? Is this some Japanese bit of deconstructed nuttiness? Is asymmetrical buttoning the new Casual Friday? Has bedraggled art fag Kalup Linzy been encouraging James to dress "performance artier"? I have no idea. But he sure looks adorable at the London Film Festival premiere and press conference for 127 ... See the Rest

Minimalism: 2011

Spaced-out brilliance from the futurist master, Rick Owens. Loving it. If this is where fashion is going, I'm comin' along for the ride. (via Jezebel) ... See the Rest

Spray on fabric!

Fabrican (FABRIC in a CAN, get it?) is the brainchild of Dr Manuel Torres and Paul Luckham, Professor of Particle Technology at Imperial College London. Drying as soon as it hits your skin, the garment can be taken off, washed and re-worn. "I really wanted to make a futuristic, seamless, quick and comfortable material," Torres explained. Although ... See the Rest


The infamous Lady Gaga meat dress, 24 hours later. (via yeeeah!) ... See the Rest