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What’s Up with Ed Westwick?

Hmmm. Chuck Bass looks like a cracked-out dj/party promoter/salvia dealer from Cerritos. ... See the Rest

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Hot Look of the Day: New Weave! 22 Inches!

... See the Rest


When Afros Attack

Oh dear. TOWIE's Lucy Meklenburgh is reeeally trying to work the high fashion here, but I honestly can't find one kind thing to say. I will behave and ... See the Rest


Dennis Rodman at the The All-Star Celebrity Apprentice finale in New York

I see this picture as a wake-up call of sorts. As a big gay man who often wears makeup, women's jewelry, and, um, colorful blazers, I can't help but ... See the Rest


Profound Pop Culture Commentary

(via mbyhoff) ... See the Rest

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Jenna Lyons: Fashion Fail at the Great Gatsby Premiere

I... what?... words fail. She hot glued a bunch of gumballs and ostrich feathers to a shirt? And paired it with a pair of gray suit pants? To a movie ... See the Rest


Oprah Sweatshirt

 Summer's coming. Put on a happy face. [$59, Beloved]   ... See the Rest


Jennifer Lawrence’s Epic Fail on the Cover of W

Ugh. Some of the other pictures in the feathery photo shoot weren't quite so bad (see below), but THIS. This is just TERRIBLE. Low rent even for ... See the Rest