Kim Kardashian Channels Marie Antoinette for Hype Energy Drink Because Why Not

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So Kimmy is just out riding her bicycle, la la la, showing off her fetching new bangs, when – KERPLOP! –she takes a wicked tumble. Oh no! Oh dear! She's hurt! She's UNCONSCIOUS! ... See the Rest

#RIP: Writer & Editor, Ingrid Sischy


Ingrid Sischy, 63, former editor in chief of Interview and a highly regarded writer on culture in general, died Friday morning ... See the Rest

Have You Seen DIY Drag Queen Lyle XOX Yet? Here Are 29 of Her Best Looks to Get You Started

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Lyle XOX is one of those Kitchen Sink Queens – as in, she literally wears everything and the kitchen sink when she gets up in drag, god bless her. You name it: toothpicks, bottles of Tide, old TV antennas, lightbulbs, baseball gloves, dental impressions... If ... See the Rest

#FashionFlashback: Claude Montana’s 1984 Shoulder Pad INSANITY!

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1984 was the year shoulder pads went MASSIVE. It was the go-go '80s, remember, the era of conspicuous consumption when we all wanted MORE! MORE! MORE! and BIGGER! BIGGER! BIGGER! The economy was flush with new money, Wall Street was bangin', and in our coke-addled minds we ... See the Rest

Let’s All GASP at Pics of Jacqueline de Ribes, in Anticipation of Her Metropolitan Costume Exhibit Tribute This Fall

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Yves Saint Laurent once rhapsodized, "She is the pearl in the king of Poland's ear, the Queen of Sheba's tallow-drop emerald, Diane de Poitiers' crescent tiara, the Ring of the ... See the Rest

10 Times Drake Owned The Fashion Game on Instagram


Drake is a lot of things. Toronto native. Rapper. Singer. Songwriter. Producer. Actor. Bae. And, as far as I'm concerned, he's becoming a full-on fashionisto. In the recent months, he seems to have gained a new ... See the Rest

Kendall Tops Kylie in Sexy (?) New Balmain Ad

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In a new ad that showcases their "sisterly love," Kylie and Kendall pose locked in each other’s gaze, with Kylie aggressively mounting her little sis. Um.... ... See the Rest

Justin Bieber Takes Off His Clothes, Licks a Knife, and Wears A Clown Mask In A Hot Interview Magazine Photoshoot


Justin Bieber's public image is undergoing quite the transformation lately, and it seems to be including a much more grown up, fashion-focused approach. First, there was the Calvin ... See the Rest