Beliebers Insisting Hooker Video Was “Photoshopped”

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As I'm sure you all know by now, in the three days that Justin Bieber has been in Rio he has: Mistreated the fans who paid $1,500 to meet him Started his concert 2 hours late Abandoned the concert because someone threw a bottle onstage Partied with 8 prostitutes Tried ... See the Rest

Annecy Works a Room

Video thumbnail for youtube video Annecy Works a Room - World of Wonder

World of Wonder superfan (and WOWie Award nominee!) Annecy performs the doughnut shop scene from Party Monster for her high school theater class! Get it, gorl! We're living for this! Follow Annecy on Twitter here. ... See the Rest

Twitter After Dark: Colton Haynes Has the Oddest Fans

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... See the Rest

Nobody Wants to Pose with Joe


I imagine this is how Kevin feels ALL THE TIME. (via Instagram) ... See the Rest

The Gif Shop: Justin Bieber Poses with Fans


Creepy. His expression never changes. (via Lindsay Christ) ... See the Rest

1D After Dark: Fandemonium in Glasgow

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The boys touch down in Glasgow for their sellout gig and are greeted by wildly enthusiastic Directioners (are there any other kind?) dressed in carrot costumes (?) and wearing vaguely creepy 1D masks. Later, during the show, Harry Styles was hit by a flying shoe to his naughty ... See the Rest

Don’t F*ck It Up, Guys


With their US invasion already well under way, it was announced today that One Direction will be doing SNL April 7th (with Sophia Vergara hosting). I'm a little worried because I have a feeling it will be make or break time for them, à la Lana del Rey. Just this morning, though, ... See the Rest