Family Guy Predicts Caitlyn Jenner’s Transition Back in 2009

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A Family Guy clip from 2009 which appears to predict Caitlyn Jenner's gender transition has gone viral. In it, Stewie and Brian see Brody Jenner and comment on what a giant douchebag he is. "Ugh," says Stewie. "I can't believe he came out of Bruce Jenner's vagina," When Brian ... See the Rest

Family Guy Classic: ‘Christmastime Is Killing Us’

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Rewatching the Family Guy episode "Road to the North Pole" which included, of course, one of the darkest Christmas songs ever recorded. A worn-out Santa and his workshop full of inbred, deformed, and mentally challenged elves sing about how Christmas is driving them to suicide. ... Watch Now

First Look: The Simpsons/Family Guy Crossover Episode

Video thumbnail for youtube video First Look: The Simpsons/Family Guy Crossover Episode - World of Wonder

Yes, both shows are 10 years past their sell-by dates, but you know you're so going to watch. Over the weekend, Comic-Con attendees were the first to see this epic teaser for the long-awaited Simpsons-Family Guy crossover when it was aired during ... See the Rest

He’s Baaaaack: Brian Griffin Returns to Family Guy Later This Month


From Entertainment Weekly: "You might want to dry those eyes and pour a welcome-back martini for Brian, because it looks like our dearly departed dog will be returning shortly to Family Guy. Yes, the beloved talking canine who met his demise in the Nov. 24 episode will pop back ... See the Rest

Recently Dead: Brian Griffin/Quote Unquote: Glen Quagmire


So Brian Griffin, the faithful family pooch, was hit by a car on last night's episode of Family Guy and died. It was as sad as it was unexpected, but let's keep in mind that, as a character, he'd been pretty insufferable fo A WHILE. I think Quagmire summed it up best, in that ... See the Rest

The Hairless Brian Griffin GIF Shop


"Whyyyy do you have so many nipples?!" – Peter Griffin on Sunday's Family Guy.  ... See the Rest

Me, Every Night


... See the Rest

Screen Grab of the Day


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