Teen Bodybuilder FAIL

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Oh, the places we end up on YouTube, amiright fellas? Young bodybuilder alone in his room, flexing for the camera, all proud of himself (as he should be), grunting and puffing away, when... MUM! YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOCKED! Not so much a "fail" as just kind of sweet. Moms are moms everywhere, aren't they. She wanted to tell her son not move the bed ... See the Rest

Whale of a Tail: Woman Slapped Upside Head by Massive Fin

Whale Slap

The shock, the HORROR. This woman's reaction upon being served a massive barnacled whale fin is just too much to handle. Slay. ... See the Rest

Shock and Awe: Girl on Guy Grind Fail

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Never underestimate the importance of body language. ... See the Rest

$%#@! Auto-Correct!


... See the Rest

Spice Girls Forever Apparently Not


This makes me sad. What the hell is wrong with theater goers these days? The Spice Girls musical Forever in London's West End is ending some eight months before planned due to poor sales and lack of interest. And did I mention it was written by the uber genius Jennifer Saunders? Quelle horreur. ... See the Rest

Jimmy’s Our Special Child


... See the Rest

You Had One Job: A Meme Offshoot of Fail


“You had one job” is an expression that calls attention to perceived blunders made by workers on the job. On the web, the phrase is heavily associated with FAIL image macros. The earliest known mention of the phrase can be heard in a scene from the 2001 Ocean’s Eleven remake, in which Don Cheadle's character Basher Tarr scolds his team for missing ... See the Rest

Fleshback 1990-2012: The Journey of Lara Flynn Boyle’s Face


... See the Rest