#FestivePhallus: Did This Holiday Decorating Committee Have A Secret Agenda?


I swear I don't have penises on the brain 24/7 but in line with my See the Rest

Hmmm. Kate Pierson Has a New Trans Anthem: “Mister Sister”

Video thumbnail for youtube video Hmmm. Kate Pierson Has a New Trans Anthem "Mister Sister" - World of Wonder

My cisgendered privilege prevents me from fully articulating just... what's... so wrong here, but let's give it a try. First of all: The term "Mister Sister" seems like one of those phrases that should be avoided like "Ladyboy" or  "he/she" – anything that invokes the notion of ... See the Rest

13 Kid’s Halloween Costumes That Are Just WRONG


Well, most of these aren’t THAT bad, but they aren't quite right, either. From a pack of cigarettes to Walter White and Chuckie –tell me, what kind of parents are these? The pretty AWESOME kind, I'd say. (via See the Rest

Watch Now: World’s Biggest Parallel Parking Fail


Watch now what may be the world's biggest parallel parking fail!  If anything, it should boost your confidence in basic motor skills. Like most things in Portland, this driver probably could not, and would not, exist ... See the Rest

Why Does Everything Have To Make Sense? (Safety Edition) Have A Great Weekend, Kids!


If necessity is the mother of invention, then what's the mother of stupidity? I ask you (and all of these DIY experts) –what could go wrong? See the Rest

Teen Bodybuilder FAIL

Video thumbnail for youtube video Teen Bodybuilder FAIL - World of Wonder

Oh, the places we end up on YouTube, amiright fellas? Young bodybuilder alone in his room, flexing for the camera, all proud of himself (as he should be), grunting and puffing away, when... MUM! YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOCKED! Not so much a "fail" as just kind of sweet. Moms are moms ... See the Rest

Whale of a Tail: Woman Slapped Upside Head by Massive Fin

Whale Slap

The shock, the HORROR. This woman's reaction upon being served a massive barnacled whale fin is just too much to handle. Slay. ... See the Rest

Shock and Awe: Girl on Guy Grind Fail

Video thumbnail for youtube video Girl on Guy Grind Fail - World of Wonder

Never underestimate the importance of body language. ... See the Rest