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Kit Wonderland

Melting Snow: A Very Wet Kit Harrington Covers Wonderland Mag’s September/October 2013 Fashion Issue

British actor Christopher "Kit" Catesby Harington aka Jon Snow ... See the Rest

marc jacobs, biscuit, and harry louis

Doggie Style: A Marc Jacobs Three-Way

It's loved-up Marc with his mini bull terrier Biscuit and boyfriend Harry Louis. ... See the Rest


Afternoon Male Call

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monkey male call

Afternoon Male Call

Let the monkey drive. ... See the Rest


Afternoon Male Call

He's got Charlotte Rampling eyes. ... See the Rest


Logan Lerman Enters Otterdom

Percy Jackson with facial hair? When did THIS happen? When did he grow up? Is he the new Shia LaBeouf? Do we need a new Shia LaBeouf? I'm having a ... See the Rest


Douglas Fur?

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