Cher & Cyndi Lauper Last Night: Flaw. Less. – See Photos!

Check out these photos of Cher and Cyndi Lauper performing last night – both KILLED it! Cher, who justly described herself as having graduated ... See the Rest

Look. At. Her.

If you want to see a great X Factor competition, look no further than the UK version. I am warning you now that every week Rylan Clark makes it through, I am going to post it. This bitch is everything (except maybe a singer). ... See the Rest

Etsy Is Magical

There is a chance you may not know what is. Etsy is basically an eBay for artisans where they sell their handmade wares and it's quite fabulous. It's my go-to ... See the Rest

Going Places

... See the Rest

Fowley’s Feeling Cowelly

Although it's pretty much decided that the most important seat at the American Idol judges' table, the one being vacated by Simon Cowell, will likely be filled next season by either Guy Oseary, Tommy Mottola, or even Howard Stern, there's always the possibility of an ... See the Rest

Art is the cure

Artist Andy Diaz Hope paints portraits of people suffering from migraines, hangovers, morning sickness, and other maladies ONTO PILLS. Specially treated gel caps. His See the Rest

Great dress, still too much makeup

It's the FOREHEAD CONTOURING that pushes it ever-so-slightly over the top, dear. (via Splash) ... See the Rest

odd new trend

Arm armor. Right arm only, please. Oh, everyone's doing it. Rihanna. Glambert. All the cool kids. The looks is very "Medieval bionics," of course. Perfect for striking extreme poses and fending off dog ... See the Rest