Extreme Close-Up: Llook at That Llama’s Ruffled Eyeball!


(via Philthy's Diversions) ... See the Rest

It’s a Thing: Hairy Eyeballs

Screen shot 2013-01-03 at 1.47.21 PM

I'm sorry. I know. It can't be unseen. I've traumatized you. But: the more you know, right? By showing you this, I might have just save you from the horror of ... See the Rest

Hot Look of the Day


From SF Indie Fashion: "Guests of the recent Supreme Beings fashion show at San Francisco’s SOMArts center were ... See the Rest

Mr Toad’s Wild Eye

Screen shot 2011-11-22 at 1.52.27 PM

Well, this is upsetting. If you're tired of watching kittens cuddle with horses, or whatever the interspecies intermingling of the day is, watch this video of a toad with a parasite in its eye. It's a real palette cleanser. The eye looks like it's about to pop, the worm looks ... See the Rest