Kim Kardashian Channels Marie Antoinette for Hype Energy Drink Because Why Not

So Kimmy is just out riding her bicycle, la la la, showing off her fetching new bangs, when – KERPLOP! –she takes a wicked tumble. Oh no! Oh dear! She's hurt! She's UNCONSCIOUS! ... See the Rest

Fashion Snap!: Incredibly Chic Bully Protection

From Imgur: "This kid at my school makes his own scale mail, wears it to school, and refuses to take it off when asked by the ... See the Rest

Hot Look of the Day: Rococo-Loco TP Wigs

(via Lady Bunny) ... See the Rest

My Favorite Picture from Last Night

That's me having a quiet moment with the legendary Deven Green. The picture is slightly blurry, but then I look my best when things are slightly blurry. I'm only sorry you can't see the amazing detailing ... See the Rest

Hot Look of the Day

A Japanese samurai in colorful armor (that looks like an old Kenzo sweater from the '80s I once had) by Baron Raimund Von Stillfried, circa 1865–1875. I love the chonmage hairdo where the front of ... See the Rest

Know Your Edwardian Courtesans

From Wikipedia: "Geneviève 'Ginette' Lantelme (born Mathilde Fossey; 1887-1911) was a French actress, ... See the Rest

Gorgeous Edwardian Street Style

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Hot Look of the Day: The World’s Oldest It-Bag

FAAAABULOUS. Loveitneeditwantit. The world's oldest purse (circa 2,500 BC) may have been discovered at an excavation site Leipzig, Germany. Although the leather or fabric ... See the Rest