I’m Malibami Bound

Zayn was exhausted, you guys, and couldn't quite remember where he had just been. Poor little guy conflated Malibu and Miami. Or Alabama. Who knows. But that last frame is just heartbreaking as he berates himself for his mistake. "MALIBAMI? STUPID, STUPID ZAYN!" I just want to ... See the Rest

“KONY 2012” Mastermind Found Masturbating on Street Corner

Jason Russell, the mastermind behind the world's most viral video, was taken into custody this morning in San Diego for allegedly being drunk in public and masturbating. He is currently being hospitalized ... See the Rest

BREAKING NEWS: Demi Moore Rushed to Hospital “For Substance Abuse”

Well, if celebrities die in threes, they OD in fours. Heather Locklear, Tracy Morgan, Kevin Federline, and NOW Demi Moore! OK, officially Kevin collapsed because he was fat, but who knows how many rails he had done before that last chicken pot pie did him in? ANYWAY... WHAT IS ... See the Rest