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Strike A Pose, There’s Nothing To It – Voga!

Yes. It's JUST what it sounds like – a cross between yoga and voguing. Voga was thought up by Juliet Murrell, a former film industry art director, who ... See the Rest


Fit Mom Lea-Ann Ellison Under Fire for Pregnant Pics

LA mom Lea-Ann Ellison takes her CrossFit pretty damn seriously and wanted her Facebook followers to see that even though she is two weeks away from ... See the Rest

henry cavill shirtless man of steel soldier

Henry Cavill’s Pre-Man of Steel Workout Regime

The National Guard have kindly posted this video of Henry Cavill's training for The Man of Steel. Here are a few screen grabs. More over at ... See the Rest

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Everybody Prancercise!

When Boot Camp and Soul Cycle just don't cut it, try Prancercise for your fitness, a "springy, rhythmic way of moving forward." She better sissy that ... See the Rest

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Two Things

... See the Rest

Your Morning Workout

Fleshback 1980s ... See the Rest


Matt Bomer on The New Normal

... See the Rest


Tom Hardy Works Out

... See the Rest