Breaking News: Entitled Brats Act Like Douchebags, Get in Bar Fight

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Monaco's Prince Pierre Casiraghi and Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos (both pictured above) got into a barroom brawl at the Double Seven nightclub in Manhattan's meatpacking district Saturday night, that ended with the prince in the hospital seeking medical attention. According to a witness: "Pierre’s face looked broken, with deep cuts and ... See the Rest

Euro Fired

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It's time once again for us in UK office to stick our necks on the line and place our predictions for the television event of the year, the Eurovision Song Contest.The real story this year, though, is that our favourite acts won't be there at all. In last night's semi-final, the continental audience somehow missed the blinding talent of ... See the Rest


I'm very pleased to introduce this year's hottest new look... the Sex Doll Hoodie. Description from the designer's Myspace: Autonomous artist Sander Reijgers provides sex objects with a whole new life: he uses blow-up dolls as artistic material. “I customize existing tracksuit tops with parts of the blow-up dolls – the head, the ... See the Rest


German chappie Stefan Strumbel makes cool clocks. Not sure if they're for sale as I don't understand a single word of German. Don't care though... they still rule. His confusingly sparse website HERE More clocks HERE Also amusing, as far as I can work out the German word for 'Art Fair' is 'Kunstmesse'... tee-hee. Honestly, ... See the Rest


'Pop-till-they-drop' Danish band Alphabeat, remixed by the supposed new sound of 2009 Frankmusik. Hyperactive version of last years happiest song, perfect for a friday. Try and be moody... I dares ya ... See the Rest