Frenchman Makes His Résumé Look Like an Amazon Page

  A clever Paris-based web product manager turned himself into a product on a facsimile Amazon product page. He's the "only one left in stock." Average customer review: 5 stars. The résumé attracted over a million visitors in eight ... See the Rest

10 Misconceptions: The Viral Video

It's very likely you've seen this, because since it was originally posted on January 24 it's had a whopping 1,282,898 hits. Although, after watching it, we don't believe anything anymore. ... See the Rest

A Program Note

A Note from the Editor: Of course you've noticed the WOW Report has not been itself since last Thursday. We've been experiencing major technical difficulties which have allowed us only brief and sporadic ... See the Rest

Living Doll

We were saving this clever costume to post closer to Halloween, but let's face it – we could be a Recently Dead by then.  ... See the Rest

At the Speed of Life

We know the photo-a-day-over-a-course-of-time concept is nothing new, but this is one of the best – and fastest – we've seen. And, frankly, we never tire of the concept. So here's a very cute nerd called JK shooting himself every day from 1998 to 2006. Eight years in 1:44. (via ... See the Rest

Not Fit to Be Tied

This video of a man in Amsterdam being arrested – or at least ticketed – for being a public nuisance with his 20-foot shoelaces brought to mind what Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry David told TimeSee the Rest

The Tao of Steve

(via Internet Today) ... See the Rest


Where does it start and end? Canttakeoureyesoffit. ... See the Rest