The Kevin-Spacey-in-Selina-Meyers-Drag You Hoped You’d Never See

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Disturbing goings-on at Entertainment Weekly this week, with Kevin Spacey dressing as Selina Meyers from Veep for the cover of this week's "25 Best Characters on Television" tribute. And an alternate cover featuring Julia Louis Dreyfus as Frank Underwood from House of Cards (after the jump). Both equally terrifying and equally unnecessary. From ... See the Rest

Yum: Chris Pratt Channels Errol Flynn on the Cover of Entertainment Weekly

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Aaaand the transformation is complete! Christ Pratt goes from "zero to hero" (as Entertainment Weekly's cover proclaims) for his latest role as the Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy – easily the most anticipated movie of the summer. Of course, we love Chris whether he's schlubby or ripped (remember him as Bright on Everwood?), but this ... See the Rest

Queen Bianca Interviewed in Entertainment Weekly

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Bianca Del Rio spoke to Entertainment Weekly about her immediate reaction to hearing her name announced as the winner of RuPaul's Drag Race, which Drag Racer tested her patience, and which queens she would have NOT wanted to go up against if she had to Lipsync for Her Life. After the jump.  ... See the Rest

They’ve Got it Covered: Zac Efron, Ansel Elgort, Seth MacFarlane, and Demi Lovato

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In today's magazine beat: Zac Efron talks addiction, Ansel Elgort talks about his upcoming romantic teen cancer flick, Seth MacFarlance chooses not do meth, and Demi Lovato just wants to be somebody's idol. ... See the Rest

Must See: Angelina Jolie as Maleficent on Entertainment Weekly

Anelina Jolie as Maleficent on Entertainment Weekly Cover

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent looks absolutely spellbinding on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. You have to click over and see this beauty! ... See the Rest

Is a Third Sex and The City Movie a Possibility?

**RESTRICTIONS APPLY** Sarah Jessica Parker chatting to director Michael Patrick King on the set of "Sex and the City: The Movie" in NYC

Michael Patrick King, creator of Sex and The City, says he believes there is one more Sex and The City story left! ... See the Rest

Two Things

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This week's cover of Entertainment Weekly and Annie Lebovitz's iconic 1981 Rolling Stone cover featiuring John and Yoko. Ben should've been nude. ... See the Rest

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson Cover EW


Yeah, this just looks TERRIBLE. Somehow they've managed to make the always incredibly hot Jamie Dornan look like Darren Stevens from Bewitched and Dakota Johnson just looks some boring Lifetime heroine. WHAT were they thinking with this casting? ... See the Rest