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Obama Boxed In on Equality – A Battle Brewing

httpv:// Cenk Uygur and Michelangelo Signorile discuss Obama's "evolving" position on equality and how Obama has "got himself in a ... See the Rest

Obama Quiet on ENDA

A New ENDA Push?

Gay rights advocates are pushing for a Senate hearing and committee vote on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). The act would prohibit ... See the Rest

Chad Griffin

I Like What I’m Hearing from the New HRC

Joe Solmonese is finally out as the president of HRC and will now officially shill for the Obama campaign (though many think that shilling for the ... See the Rest

Sign The ENDA order Now!

What the President Should Be Doing on Presidents’ Day

The new advocacy group, Freedom to Work, has a great op-ed piece on Huffingtonpost Gay Voices entitled We Can’t Wait: How Obama Can Stop ... See the Rest

False Advocate

If Gays Want Equality We Must Demand It!

Quietly and under the radar, President Obama has been making some very smart political moves through the use of executive orders in an effort to ... See the Rest

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National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Responds to SOTU

"The fact is, the state of the union for LGBT people remains largely one of inequality. In many parts of the country, we can still be fired from or ... See the Rest

ENDA? Hurry Up And Wait!

Speaker Nancy Pelosi dropped the bomb on ENDA (the Employment Non-Discrimination Act) over the weekend and announced that despite all the talk there ... See the Rest

Only if it’s Lady Bunny

FAAAAABULOUS! I just love crazy conservatives and their wacky, homophobic ad campaigns! "Do you want men dressed as women teaching your kids?" screams ... See the Rest