Not That There’s Anything Wrong With It: Dax Is Gay For (Just) Brad

Video thumbnail for youtube video Not That There's Anything Wrong With It: Dax Is Gay For (Just) Brad - World of Wonder

Dax Shepherd, who is married to Kristen Bell, exhibits some cheating logic here to Ellen on a hypothetical affair with Brad Pitt. It's cute. It's kinda funny. It's sorta hot – and I don't think he's kidding. Watch. Just so you know, his wife is perfectly OK with it. ... and if you think that they aren't milking this bit, it goes back ... See the Rest

Let It Go: Ellen & Kristin Wiig Do The Best Frozen Cover?

Video thumbnail for youtube video Cover Butchery: Ellen & Kristin Wiig Do The BEST Frozen Cover Yet - World of Wonder

Well, it's not the best singing, or the highest notes ever hit but the passion and funny are off the charts. Ellen DeGeneres and Kristen Wiig both revealed yesterday on Ellen that they actually don't know the song from "Frozen" at all. Ellen declared; "We will be the worst of all the videos!" Uh, I don't think so, watch and see what you ... See the Rest

Controversy Update: Billionaire Branson Is Boycotting The Beverly Hills Hotel Too


OK, so you've heard this news? It's all over LA – New York, not so much. So, Hassanal Bolkiah, the Sultan of Brunei, owns the Dorcester Collection, some of the world's most upscale hotels, that include the Principe de Savoia in Milan, the Dorchester, Le Meurice, the Bel Air AND the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel. He has just decided to implement laws, ... See the Rest

Jodie Foster Ties the Knot

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And the other lucky lady in question is Jodie Foster's new wife, Alexandra Hedison, who just happens to be Ellen DeGeneres's ex. They are totally in love, which is good to hear since they just got married, and had a small ceremony over the weekend. Congrats to happy couple. Now, James St. James, is this good enough or you? Or do you still want her ... See the Rest

Awww: Poor Liza Minnelli Tries to Get in On that Record-Breaking Oscar Selfie


Liza Minnelli scrambles to be a part of the epic A-list self at last night's Oscars. ... See the Rest

Instaglam: Mark Seliger Shooting Stars for Vanity Fair


Vanity Fair is known for its amazing portraits and also its annual Oscar Party. This year they partnered with Instagram to combine the two. Adjoining the Oscar Party space, photographer Mark Seliger shot guests all night in a on-site studio and here are some of the results. Lupita N'Yongo; Ellen DeGeneres & Portia diRossi; Neil Patrick Harris; Lady ... See the Rest

Hollywood Legends: Now & Then


I know this is a silly game but I can't really help myself. Whenever you focus on the Hollywood heavyweights, like last night's Oscars did, you think back on the golden era of Hollywood and try to figure out our star equivalency today. Not their looks as much, (although these two examples are a bit uncanny) but more the kind of actors they are and ... See the Rest

Oscars 2014: The Show & The Winners


The Gay Superbowl, 2014 edition is now history. Host Ellen Degeneres delivered a hilarious opening monologue. To Jonah Hill: “You showed us something in that film that I have not seen for a very, very long time.” She then spent the rest of the show in the audience, talking to the A-listers, mostly, ordering pizza (Domino's must have had a take-out ... See the Rest