Watch Justin Bieber Get Egged

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So THIS is how that house felt, eh, Justin? Twerpy professional d-bag Justin Bieber flexes his baby pec-letts, shoves his smug little rat-face in the camera, and smirks before being pelted with eggs. It's all very cathartic. For us, obviously, but for him as well. He's gearing up ... See the Rest

Celebrities React to BieberGate

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Eggs Marks the Spot: Police Search for Evidence of Egging at Bieber Mansion, Find Cocaine Instead

Justin Bieber's friend, Lil Za, has just been arrested for alleged cocaine possession at the singer's home during an early morning raid stemming from an egg attack on his neighbor's home

By now you're all aware that the Calabasas police have raided Justin Bieber's home, having "probable cause" that they'd find eggs there (!!), which would corroborate his neighbors story that Justin egged his house. After using a medieval battering ram to get in (true story), the ... See the Rest

Out and About London: The AnOther Magazine Party

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Tout le monde showed up for the AnOther Magazine party at Loulou's in London last night. From top, left: model Suki Waterhouse and a rather festive egg, Beth Ditto wearing a fetching chapeau, Kate Moss looking like a very stylish SS officer, Alison Mosshart (who is the very ... See the Rest

Your Pantone Breakfast

pantone bacon 'n' eggs

Pantone bacon 'n' eggs are always eggsactly the right color. ... See the Rest

Happy Breakfast


(t/y Louis) ... See the Rest

Spider: The Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See. Ever

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There are no words to describe the horror of Spider. We will not be falling easily to sleep tonight. It's the eggs. ... See the Rest

The Lady Bunny

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