Awwww. The Saddest Moment of the Oscars Caught on Vine

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When Eddie Redmayne wins Best Actor for drooling on his shoulder in that dreckish bit of disease porn, the camera pans over to catch poor Michael Keaton putting his speech back in his pocket. Your heart will just BREAK as he realizes he just lost the Oscars. Watch it after the jump. ... See the Rest

#Oscars: Birdman Wins Big! NPH Exposes Himself! Oprah Thinks “Everything Is Awesome”!


Neil Patrick Harris started us off in song dance and in the end lost his pants (in an homage to Birdman) so, it'd be hard to say he DIDN'T give it his all. A running gag had Harris asking Oscar winner Octavia Spencer, who was seated front row, to keep an eye on a box containing his show predictions –this went on way too long. By the end of a VERY ... See the Rest

#Oscars: Here’s Your FREE Wow Report Color-By-Number Ballot


Are you having an Academy Award's viewing party? It doesn't take much; a TV, (cocktails!), some colored pens and pencils... You can turn The Wow Report's FREE Color-By-Number Oscar Ballot (created by me, Trey Speegle) into a party for 2 or 20. Click on the image to enlarge for a hi-res version to print out. (It's designed for oversized 11 x 17" ... See the Rest

#BAFTAs: Some Male Celebs Answer The Boring Questions Females Get Asked

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It's standard on almost any red carpet these days to ask a woman, "What are you wearing?"... and the men get asked occasionally but this reporter at the BAFTAs (the equivalent of the Oscars in England) took it as far as she could. She's more than a bit condescending and finally asks the men "for a twirl". Eddie Redmayne, Michael Keaton, Harvey ... See the Rest

#OscarWatch: Amy, Reese & Channing Cover Vanity Fair


Annie Leibovitz has photographed all but three of the Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue covers since the first edition debuted in 1994 (which I designed, as I've mentioned before, and will do again. Humble brag.) She describes this year’s shoot: “Usually you shoot from fairly far away, but we wanted to get really close to the actors. We made an ... See the Rest

Red Carpet Hunks

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Hunks! Hunks! We got your red carpet hunks right here! After the jump, see the SEVEN HOTTEST MEN on God's creation! They're buff, they're dressed to the nines, and and they're PAPPED FOR YOUR PLEASURE. Step right up! Take the BLOG TRIP OF A LIFETIME! See the Red Carpet Hunks of the day! ... See the Rest

#BestPerformances: Tim Walker’s Hockney-Inspired Portfolio For W


For W magazine's Movie Issue, photographer Tim Walker was inspired by the "colorful, sun-drenched Los Angeles paintings and photographs of David Hockney", as well as the ’70s aesthetic that usually informs the his work. All the actors and actresses were excited to play, to be transformed, to embrace personae that were extreme, odd, and ... See the Rest

Celebrity Roundup

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All the most amazing celebrity sightings of the day, right here on the WOW Report. We've got your humpy up-and-comers, your hoary old has-beens, your British breakthroughs, and your social media wannabes AFTER THE JUMP. ... See the Rest