Your Brain on MDMA

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AsapScience give you a quick tutorial on the science of highs and lows (and medical applications) of Ecstasy. When you pop a Molly, they explain, enormous amounts of serotonin are released into your body, along with dopamine and norepinephrine, which gives you a sudden and intense feeling of happiness, make you more social and outgoing, more ... Watch Now

Disturbing Must-Watch Video of the Day: Paolo Nutini’s “Iron Sky”


Remember Paolo Nutini? The pillow-lipped Scottish crooner had a minor US hit in 2007 with "New Shoes." Now he's back with a decidedly darker song and video. The short film for "Iron Sky" starts with two minutes of grainy, difficult-to-watch documentary footage of junkies, schizophrenics, homeless people, and a man writhing in pain covering his ... See the Rest

Mario Falcone Suspended From TOWIE

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Well, well, well. It seems TOWIE lothario Mario Falcone has been using that gorgeous, Italian nose for more than sniffing out birds whilst in Marbs. Apparently a video surfaced while they are taping TOWIE in Marbella (of course we need our Only Way Is Marbs epidsode), and in the video Mario was allegedly filmed snorting some white pony. He has been ... See the Rest

An Open Letter from Desperate Housewives Actor Shawn Pyfrom: “I Am an Alcoholic and a Drug Addict”

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"i just read the news about mr. philip seymour hoffman, and against the advise of others; i had to write this open letter. i can’t stay quiet anymore about this… "i am an alcoholic and a drug addict. "and yesterday i celebrated five months of sobriety. i’m relatively new to being sober, considering the scope of time that i’ve been an addict. ... See the Rest

Signage: Poster from a Chinese Nightclub, circa ’94


Can I get this as a t-shirt, please? (via Solavaya) ... See the Rest

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish, America Says Deport Bieber

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  If only this could actually happen! currently has a petition with over 78,000 signatures to deport Justin Bieber!! Everyone is getting tired of the antics and the Canadian teen is outstaying his welcome. Once the petition has 100,000 signatures, officials at the White House will read it and issue a response. Sign it ... See the Rest

Eggs Marks the Spot: Police Search for Evidence of Egging at Bieber Mansion, Find Cocaine Instead

Justin Bieber's friend, Lil Za, has just been arrested for alleged cocaine possession at the singer's home during an early morning raid stemming from an egg attack on his neighbor's home

By now you're all aware that the Calabasas police have raided Justin Bieber's home, having "probable cause" that they'd find eggs there (!!), which would corroborate his neighbors story that Justin egged his house. After using a medieval battering ram to get in (true story), the police found mounds of cocaine just lying around. Says TMZ:  "A rep ... See the Rest

Not So InstaGlamorous: James Franco Says He Was Drugged

Is this real? Is it a performance piece? He says somebody "slipped him something in bed last night," then shows us his nipple. Wait, what? Is he OK? Is he implying he was date raped? Should he go to the police instead of Instagramming it? Oh dear, oh dear.  I'm going to worry about him all day now. (via Towleroad) ... See the Rest