#BornThisDay: Writer, William S. Burroughs

  February 5, 1914- William Seward Burroughs II: “A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what's going on.” Drugs, gay sex, foreign lands, trouble with authority and then writing it all down: chapter headers for my memoir Jockstraps ... See the Rest

Must-Watch Chelsea Handler Doc on Netflix

Is there anyone more terrifying than Chelsea Handler on drugs? The answer to that question is...no. Need it, want it, this is a must-watch. Chelsea Handler will be in a four-part documentary series on Netflix touching on hot topics that fascinate her like marriage, racism, ... See the Rest

MUST WATCH: A Drug Deal Told Through 160 Movie Titles

A drug deal goes down between a stoner and his dealer in this odd little video – but no other words are said except titles of movies, which you can follow along with the movie posters inside. Brooklyn-based comedy group POYKPAC partnered with the Fine Brothers to make it. Weird, ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Musician, Chet Baker

December 23, 1929- Chet Baker was not a gay guy, but he is absolutely one of the most important musical figures in my considerable lifetime. Chesney Henry Baker, Jr. was a trumpet player & singer with matinee idol good-looks, emotionally remote performances, ... See the Rest

Eyes Don’t Lie: Your Eyes on Drugs

This is your eyes on drugs. Any questions? Results may vary. See more after the jump! ... See the Rest

Some Idiot Got “Too High” on Marijuana & Called the Cops

A 22-year-old dum dum in Austintown, OH got SOOO high on Marijuana last Friday evening around 5:20PM that he decided it would be a good idea to call the police. Because, who doesn't? When the police arrived at his house they found him "in a fetal position [surrounded by] a ... See the Rest

The “Bitch Better Have My Money” Video Is FINALLY Here!

The seven-minute ultra-violent tour-de-force (with nipples! and guns! and weed!) was directed by Rihanna – a first for her her? – although "directed" in her case probably means she just said she wanted nipples and guns and weed and let the actual director ... See the Rest

Scientist Missing for 30 Years Found Living Inside Secret Room in Basement – Tripping Balls

You can't make this stuff up. Or maybe you can. This story only appears on a See the Rest