#BrutallyHonestWineLabels: Happy Fourth, Fifth & Sixth of July!

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Check Out the Harlot’s Guide to Classy Cocktails

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Only In Russia: More Pics With Rugs, Bears, A Submarine, Drinking, Odd Outfits, Drinking…

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Restasis Is for Wussies

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Just a Huge Group of Girls

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Have a Great Weekend, Everyone

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Tune For Today: ‘Never Drinking Again’

Adorable. Hilarious. Spot-on. If only Broadway was this fun. With lyrics like "Why did I send my boss my dick?" and "Why would I take a cake from the urinal?" – I think it's safe to say, we've all been there. Be sure to notice the dead guy in the pool at the 1:49 mark. (via See the Rest

Stiff Drink

What's with these Italian ad agencies? (Ed note: Does a rhetorical question take a question mark?) When they're not promoting Hitler as a big pink role model for teens, they're drowning fetuses in cocktail ... See the Rest