VICTORY! Facebook Apologizes for Real Names Policy, Promises Change Is Coming

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Score one for the drag queens! After a month of doubling down on their tone-deaf "Real Names" policy, Facebook has apologized to the drag community following a meeting with community members and queens. Facebook’s chief product officer, Chris Cox, said: “I want to apologise to the affected community of drag queens, drag kings, transgender, and ... See the Rest

Facebook Parody of the Day: “That’s Not My Name”

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WTF, Zuck. Brigitte Bidet of the Legendary Children Atlanta takes on Facebook's Real Name policy with a parody of the Ting Ting's "That's Not My Name." Pretty spot on. "Woke up this morning/checking my phone/whole lot of people I don't even know/like yesterday's she's Jessica/now she's Jerome?/Facebook won't leave the artists alone" RISE UP AND ... Watch Now

Heroic Drag Queens Meet With Evil Facebook Representatives Over Shameful Name Change Policy

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Facebook, that evil corporate giant who has been denying drag queens their god-given right to use their self-created personas (as well as putting sex workers and victims of domestic abuse at risk), has agreed to meet with members of the LGBT community today. Sister Roma of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, plans to bring with her emails she has ... See the Rest

Transformations: Mariah Balenciaga’s MUG4DAYZ

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Yes, GAWD! RuPaul's Drag Race Season Three LEGEND Mariah Balenciaga joins us in the Transformation studio today to BEAT MY FACE INTO OBLIVION! The end result is somewhere between Marlene Dietrich in Garden of Allah and Divine at Studio 54, but TRUST ME, it's absolutely faaaaaaaaaaabulous. Watch it below. And, omg, don't forget to subscribe to ... Watch Now

RIP Killer aka Ryan Rorie

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There's a memorial this Monday evening for LA drag legend Killer aka Ryan Rorie, who passed away suddenly last week of suspected organ failure. He was 38. Killer was well-known performer at Trannyshack, Bears in Space, and Dragula (where he won the Miss Dragula contest in July). The memorial will be held at the Abbey with tribute performances by ... See the Rest

Transformations: When James Met James Majesty St James

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It's an all-new episode of Transformations today featuring Seattle-based drag queen James Majesty St James. Wait. WHO? Bitch stole my name. James gives me an "Sea Witch" makeover with a glorious purple face and – something completely new! – side lashes. Huh? EYELASHES ON THE SIDE OF MY FACE. Never heard of such a thing. There's also a fun little ... Watch Now

Auction Alert! Photos of Fabulous ’50s-Era Transvestites from the Photographic Archives of Robert Swope and Michael Hurst

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Wright Auction House presents "Casa Susanna: A Photographic Archive from the Collection of Robert Swope and Michel Hurst" at auction in Chicago on October 30th. The collection, comprised of 340 photographs never before offered at auction, provides "a glimpse into a time and place, revealing a world once forgotten." That means gorgeous snapshots ... See the Rest

The 15 Instagram Pics That Will Convince You Raja Is the Most Sickening Queen EVAH

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RuPaul's Drag Race season three winner Raja aka Sutan Amrull is, without a doubt, one of the most GORGEOUS, ORIGINAL, and CAPTIVATING queens you will ever see. From showgirl drag to Ganesh realness – and everything in between – she covers the waterfront with her exotic beauty and fierce style. Check out some of her most fabulous Instagram pics ... See the Rest