Jackie Beat and James St. James

After years of begging and whining and pleading and cajoling WE FINALLY got Jackie to come by the WOWPresents studio and do a transformation on me, and TRUST ME, she did not disappoint. The bitch is HYSTERICAL. The conversation runs the gamut from her days with Joan ... See the Rest

ConDRAGulations! Dressed As a Girl Is Shortlisted for a Grierson Award!

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The Grierson Awards, UK's leading documentary film award, has shortlisted Dressed as a ... See the Rest

Have You Seen DIY Drag Queen Lyle XOX Yet? Here Are 29 of Her Best Looks to Get You Started

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Lyle XOX is one of those Kitchen Sink Queens – as in, she literally wears everything and the kitchen sink when she gets up in drag, god bless her. You name it: toothpicks, bottles of Tide, old TV antennas, lightbulbs, baseball gloves, dental impressions... If ... See the Rest

Miss Fame Talks Addiction: “I Know What It’s Like to Feel Hopeless, Alone, Suicidal”

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RuPaul's Drag Race season 7 fan favorite Miss Fame sits down with vlogger See the Rest

Happy International Drag Day!

International Drag Day

Happy International Drag Day from the RuPaul's Drag Race girls and World of Wonder! Now go out and tip your local drag queens tonight! ... See the Rest

Transformations: Kennedy Davenport Puts Me in High Whore Drag


RuPaul's Drag Race Season Seven LEGEND (Laguardia... Newark...) Kennedy Davenport stops by Transformations studio to give me a makeover, and OH the fun we had.  Topics include history of her name, her response to all the internet ... See the Rest

Dressed As a Girl: The Documentary with High Hopes, High Heels, and High Drama

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Dressed As a Girl is unique and surprisingly humorous film documenting the story of East London’s exciting alternative drag scene ... See the Rest

#OnThisGayDay: Stonewall


June 27, 1969- Purists & truth tellers will point of that there were important protests & acts of civil disobedience before that summer night in 1969. But, I like that gay people can have a ... See the Rest