Phyllis Diller: Fashion GOD

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Flashback 1980: Divine Goes New Wave

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Lindsay WHO?

Oh, my Christmas wishes just came true. The infamous Boom Boom recreates Marilyn Monroe's celebrated photo shoot from the first issue of Playboy in this stunning photograph by Austin Young. Have you ever SEEN such beauty? ... See the Rest

Hot Look of the Day: Early 20th Century “Female Mimic” Francis Renault

"Francis Renault was an active and popular 'femme mimic' from the early 1900s to the 1950s. He was born Antonio Auriemma in Naples Italy on September 5, 1895. He grew up in Providence, Rhode Island, ... See the Rest

Simply Divine

Is it possible to love Melissa McCarthy any more than we already do? The zaftig actress channels Divine in this gorgeous Entertainment Weekly photo shoot, alongside wowlebrities Pandora Boxx ... See the Rest

Meet the Legendary and Reclusive Alexis Del Lago

This short documentary, directed by Craig Calman and alternately called He Made Herself a Star, is a marvelous peek into the bygone world of a quietly fading goddess. The ever-alluring drag legend Alexis Del Lago has been ... See the Rest

Pete Burns performs ‘Never Marry an Icon’ at Carpet Burn in London

A timeless message from a timeless beauty. ... See the Rest

The big find at Jackie Beat’s yard sale over the weekend

Drag Legend Jackie Beat had a yard sale over the weekend, and Lord knows when a drag queen decides to get rid of a few things YOU ... See the Rest