BUSHWIG 2014 Is Happening! In Related News, Brooklyn Drag Queens Are Taking Over the World!


On the weekend of September 6th and 7th, the 3rd Annual drag madness known as Bushwig is gonna destroy Brooklyn. YES, two days/nights of nonstop drag performance and insanity will electrify Bushwick's Secret Project Robot. ... See the Rest

3 Times The Fun!: “Lypsinka! The Trilogy” Is Coming!


Well, you heard it here second, kids! Yesterday, the New York Times announced a triple threat – I mean TREAT– for New Yorkers this fall. The legendary Lypsinka, aka John Epperson, will be in not just one, not two, but THREE SHOWS in “Lypsinka! The Trilogy.” Kevin Malony is directing two revivals: “Lypsinka! The Boxed Set,” a revue featuring ... See the Rest

Bollywood Lip Sync: This Indian Bear Does A KILLER Pinki Dance!

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 9.52.16 AM

What's a pinki dance? I'm not THAT familiar with Bollywood dances and all the moves but it doesn't take an expert to see this guy's got them DOWN. Maybe he needs to be an advisor on a future RuPaul's Drag Race challenge... can't you see it? What's more over the top than Bollywood drag? ... See the Rest

The Only Pic You Need to See From Last Night’s Teen Choice Awards

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 9.52.30 AM

Irrepressible whelp Tyler Posey co-hosted the Teen Choice Awards aka the Say-A-Bunch-of-Corny-Platitudes-to-THE-CHILDREN Awards, and at one point he gamely dressed up in luau drag, complete with grass skirt and coconut bra. And if you had any lingering doubts about Tyler's heterosexuality, they were dispelled by the end of the evening. That boy is ... See the Rest

Vivica Fox Looking Fierce At 50

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 6.48.42 PM

Vivica Fox most certainly has had her share of side eyes over the years for some reason or another here and there but they have all settled down because she was swerving and serving it all over the place at her 50th birthday celebration. Doesn't she look dragtastically gorgeous? Keep it up mama, me likey this OTT-FTW direction you've gone with the ... See the Rest

Drag Deconsructed: The “Genderosity” Show in NYC


  NYC-based performer Donald C. Shorter Jr. has been seen twirling all over Broadway, in epic shows like A Chorus Line, Hairspray and La Cage Aux Folles. Now you can see him (and all his feyness) in the special multimedia production Genderosity- an up-close look at his drag transformation process…stripped down and reconstructed! The show ... See the Rest

Luis D. Ortiz Performs in Drag Last Night on Million Dollar Listing New York!

Luis D. Ortiz in drag Million Dollar Listing New York

Watch a clip from last night's episode of Million Dollar Listing New York where Luis D. Ortiz KIND OF performs in Drag! ... See the Rest

Drag HerStory: You’re Invited To A “Private Birthday Party”


In 2006, artist Robert Heishman was poking around a Kansas City junk yard, looking for material for an documentary class, when he came upon a slide carousel. It was labeled “Jack’s Slides: Chicago and Kansas City.” "The first image I looked at was this picture of a man in a kimono that was incredibly colorful — it was just a stunning image... There ... See the Rest