Whoville: The Trailer for the New Doctor Who

Peter Capaldi, the 12th Doctor, begins his tenure on Saturday, August 23, and far be it from me to judge from one 30-second clip, but he kind of kicks ass here. I might just have to revise my opinion of him after all. It also helps that the lesbian lizard Vastra and her Victorian ... See the Rest

Oh My Tardis! Matt Smith and Tom Felton On a Plane

This is geek heaven! Dr. Who's Matt Smith (my daughter's major crush of the ... See the Rest

Epic New Teaser Trailer for Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Special: The Day of the Doctor

"I’ve been running all my lives, through time and space; every second of every minute of every day for over 900 years. I fought for peace in a universe at war. Now the time has come to face the choices I have made in the name of the Doctor. Our future depends on one single moment ... See the Rest

Nerdgasm: Matt Smith to Play Patrick Bateman in American Psycho Musical

Former Doctor Who hunk Matt Smith is replacing his sonic screwdriver with a butcher knife for the upcoming London stage musical American Psycho, according to the See the Rest

Celebrity Roundup

Beyoncé shows off her new hairdo while out on the town with Liam Hemsworth. What's that? I'm being told that is NOT, in fact, Beyoncé. It's her hair inspiration ... See the Rest

Whoville: Peter Capaldi Odds-On Favorite to Become the 12th Doctor

So apparently ... See the Rest

Nerd Culture (Literally): A Dalek in a Petri Dish

Ash, a microbiologist and extreme Dr Who fan, created this image of a Dalek by cultivating strands of E. Coli bacteria in a petri dish."‘Cause I’m not very good at art, but at ... See the Rest

Snapz!: Matt Smith at the Peabody Awards

Recently shorn Matt Smith is WILDLY ATTRACTIVE at the 72nd Annual Peabody Awards, where Doctor Who was awarded an Institutional Peabody “for evolving with technology and the times like nothing else in the known television universe.” I post this because a) Matt Smith, yum and b) ... See the Rest