Meanwhile in Canada: Authorities Are Looking for a Maniac Moose Rider

An unidentified shirtless man is videotaped chasing a moose on a speedboat, then jumping on it's back and riding it across the lake like a bucking bronco. “I’ve never seen something so awesome,” says one of the men off camera. Yeah, awesomely idiotic. Poor little moose. Actually ... See the Rest

You Know You’re Going to Watch the Magic Mike XXL Trailer

Three years after he retired from stripping, Mike (Channing Tatum) reunites with the rest of the Kings of Tampa for a blowout final performance in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Magic Mike XXL has all the nail-biting dramatic tension of the Step Up movies with all the greased-up ... See the Rest

I’m in Love: The Cream Pies Sing “Ugly Sweater”

As one of the YouTube commenters said: I just got douche chills, yo. These boys are HOT. Pictured from left to right: Bill Reilich, Dan Burtenshaw, Stevie Brock, and Dan Cox. (via Boy Culture) ... See the Rest

Video of Hysterical Girls’ Reactions After Justin Bieber Cancels Buenos Aires Gig Half-Way Through

Caught on film: tens of thousands of teenage girls reacting with shock, disbelief and hysteria after the Biebs leaves his November 10th show mid-way through due to "food poisoning." Justin told his fans "I'm not feeling too good, I think I'm out of energy," before blowing a kiss ... See the Rest

Kenneth Cole Needs Attention

Because he didn't learn his lesson LAST TIME when he tweeted about the Egyptian uprising "Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection ... See the Rest

Ryan Lochte’s Emmy Contender

Ryan Lochte's soon-to-be reality show What Would Ryan Do on E! is destined for endless awards. I mean with screen grabs like this one? This is ... See the Rest

Speidi Gots Guns

Complete and utter douchebaggery supporting the fact that we need better gun control in this country. The poor British television watching public had their retinas assaulted by this drivel on Monday night and for that, I apologize. Boys and girls, I give you Speidi. (via See the Rest

Chris Brown Is Feeling Crucified, Y’All

"Painting the way I feel today" captioned poor, put-upon Chris Brown on See the Rest