Animal Addicts: Dolphins Get High on Puffer Fish

Duuuuude. Check THIS out. Young, stoner dolphins are believed to manipulate puffer fish to release their nerve toxins... ON PORPOISE! From The ... See the Rest



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Cat and Mouths: Great Moments in Interspecies Romance

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We’re in Trouble

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She Smiles?

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Dolphins See Themselves in a Mirror for the First Time

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Adorable Baby Animal Being Adorable of the Day

From Urlesque: "A baby dolphin with its umbilical cord still attached was found beached near Montevideo, Uruguay. Luckily, a rescue organization got ... See the Rest

Surfin’ Turf

A colony of dolphins is caught body-surfing 25-foot waves off the coast of South Africa. (Photo by Greg Huglin via Telegraph)  ... See the Rest