Vine OTD: Dolphin Boy Makes Dolphin Noise, Then Dolphin Raps

I mean... How is this even possible? Was he... raised by dolphins? A family of hip-hop dolphins? I think he might be the most talented beatboxer OF ALL TIME. Just watch. Trust me. ... See the Rest

Are You an Otter, a Dolphin, or a Gazelle? Gay Slang Explained

So many animal names for gay men! WOWlebrity Tom Goss breaks down the various homo subsets in this informative video. For instance: Did you know that I'm a manatee? That Blake Jacobs is an Ewok?  And Thairin is a turkey? Watch the video to understand why that's so hilarious. And ... Watch Now

Animal Addicts: Dolphins Get High on Puffer Fish

Duuuuude. Check THIS out. Young, stoner dolphins are believed to manipulate puffer fish to release their nerve toxins... ON PORPOISE! From The Independent: "Though large doses of the ... See the Rest


(via underh2o) ... See the Rest

Cat and Mouths: Great Moments in Interspecies Romance

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We’re in Trouble

Oh shit, you guys! Robo-dolphins! RUN! (via Philthy's Diversions) ... See the Rest

She Smiles?

I was talking about the dolphin. Posh tweeted an intimate photo of herself, exposing an extremely vulnerable side of the former Spice Girl. No one would have believed that they ... See the Rest

Dolphins See Themselves in a Mirror for the First Time

I make the same face. ... See the Rest