The Secretive World of Female Masking Pt. 2 Interview w/ Director & Producer

  Since we broke the story here in the US on WOW last December, about new documentary Secrets of the Living Dolls ( the world of ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video The Mitt Netflix Doc Looks Good - World of Wonder

The Mitt Netflix Doc Looks Good

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The Birth of Hip-Hop: “Wild Style” 30th Anniversary Screening

                      Tomorrow is the 30th-anniversary reunion ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video OMG E.T.'s Are Real - World of Wonder

OMG E.T.’s Are Real

Just watching the DNA testing alone gets me excited. ... See the Rest


Sullivan’s Travels

Good news! The WOW documentary Nelson Sullivan's World of Wonder is at last available for pre-order on iTunes. The man they called the Video Vampire ... See the Rest

Know Your Gay Icons: Jayne County

The Lower East Side Biography project has a quick excerpt from their 28-minute biography of the gorgeous trans punk LEGEND. (via Lady Bunny) ... See the Rest


Natural Born Idiots

If you need one more reason to hate Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, this could be it. Claiming they feel unsafe from crazed fans and stalkers, they ... See the Rest


What We’re Reading Now

The writer and porn actor was a star of World of Wonder's documentary Inside Deep Throat. (via dangerousminds) ... See the Rest