New Documentary “Mala Mala” Chronicles the Transgender Experience On The Island Of Puerto Rico


This is one not to be missed! Mala Mala is a feature length documentary by Dan Sickles and Antonio Santini about the power of transformation and the transgender experience told through the eyes of 9 trans-identifying individuals on the island of Puerto Rico. It chronicles the ... See the Rest

Is Elegance Bratton’s New Docu “Pier Kids: The Life” Millennials’ “Paris Is Burning”?


Documentarian Elegance Bratton follows three gay and transgender youth of color (Krystal, Casper, and Desean), over the course of three years, after being kicked out of their homes because of their sexuality and/or gender identity. Bratton too was once homeless on the same ... See the Rest

Watch a New Extended Trailer for the Amy Winehouse Doc


A new extended trailer for the Amy Winehouse documentary was released earlier this week, showing clips of Amy with her friends and ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil. Amy's family have already spoken out against the film calling it misleading, and her ex Reg Traviss wrote ... See the Rest

#DragHerStory: The Cast of “Paris Is Burning” on The Joan Rivers Show In 1991


August 8, 1991. That was a landmark day for drag and television. The Joan Rivers Show devoted the entire episode to the subjects and director of the groundbreaking documentary Paris is Burning. The show features Dorian Corey, Pepper Labieja, Willi Ninja and Freddie Pendavis. ... See the Rest

#WeLoveDocs: Grace Jones Documentary Coming to The BBC!

Grace Jones

OMG OMG OMG OMG a Grace Jones documentary is coming to the BBC! Titled Grace Jones -- The Musical Of My Life and directed by Sophie Feinnes (sister of Ralph Feinnes), the film has apparently been in the works for seven years.  Billboard reports: It has been described as "a ... See the Rest

From The Man Who Brought Us Little Edie: Iris by Albert Maysles

Iris by Al Maysles

Albert Maysles, along with his brother David, was one of the greatest documentary film directors of all time. He directed the Rolling Stones in Gimme Shelter, he directed 6 different films about legendary artists Christo and Jean-Claude, and he brought Little Edie Beale to the ... See the Rest

Porn in a Movie Theater! Dan Savage Wants To Hump (Festival) Us All

Dan Savage Hump Festival

This past week, Dan Savage’s Hump Festival rolled through LA and my partner in crime John Polly and I went to see it. It’s sort of unusual to watch sex on screen in a movie theater next to your close friend (it’s 2015, not 1985) – and honestly it was lovely.  Friends who porn ... See the Rest

#GreyGardens: Revisiting Drew Barrymore’s Little Edie

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 2.25.37 PM

Filmmaker Albert Maysles died yesterday at the age of 88. He and his brother David are probably most famous for the 1973 documentary, Grey Gardens. (It is being re-released by Criterion Films.) They were played by Arye Gross and Louis Ferreira in the 2009 feature film, along side ... See the Rest