Porn in a Movie Theater! Dan Savage Wants To Hump (Festival) Us All

Dan Savage Hump Festival

This past week, Dan Savage’s Hump Festival rolled through LA and my partner in crime John Polly and I went to see it. It’s sort of unusual to watch sex on screen in a movie theater next to your close friend (it’s 2015, not 1985) – and honestly it was lovely.  Friends who porn together, stay together, right? ... See the Rest

#GreyGardens: Revisiting Drew Barrymore’s Little Edie

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Filmmaker Albert Maysles died yesterday at the age of 88. He and his brother David are probably most famous for the 1973 documentary, Grey Gardens. (It is being re-released by Criterion Films.) They were played by Arye Gross and Louis Ferreira in the 2009 feature film, along side stars Jessica Lange as Big Edie and Drew Barrymore who is SO good as ... See the Rest

World of Wonder presents East London Drag Docu “DRESSED AS A GIRL” IT’S BEYOND!!!


East London’s alternative drag scene seemed to explode in the early 2000’s, and at the front of the trashy revolution were a handful of queens, featured in the new documentary Dressed As A Girl. I witnessed the whole shape-shifting first hand while living in London right at the beginning, hanging with my bestie and one of the stars of the film, ... See the Rest

Quote Unquote: Oscar Winner Glen Greenwald On NPH’s “Pitiful” Snowden Joke


Neil Patrick Harris has yet another critic of his Oscar hosting duties last Sunday night. Glen Greenwald, along with director Laura Poitras, picked up a little gold man for Best Documentary for the Edward Snowden film, Citzenfour. The film is about the revelations made by former Snowden in Hong Kong before he went into exile in Russia. Harris joked ... See the Rest

Twitter Review: Love, Marilyn


I can recommend the excellent & moving LOVE, MARILYN on @HBO now. Actors read her words & shed light on the most famous woman who ever lived @treynyc ... See the Rest

Hollywood Her-Story: The Real-Life Tale of Dog Day Afternoon


A portrait of the the late John Wojtowicz, the inspiration behind Al Pacino's character in Sidney Lumet's Oscar®-Nominated Dog Day Afternoon. If you've ever seen the movie, the reason for the '72 Brooklyn bank robbery was to finance his lover's sex reassignment operation. The attempted heist resulted in a fourteen-hour hostage situation that was ... See the Rest

The Secretive World of Female Masking Pt. 2 Interview w/ Director & Producer


  Since we broke the story here in the US on WOW last December, about new documentary Secrets of the Living Dolls ( the world of masking where men transform themselves into rubber dolls, the curiosity and controversy has exploded! So, we decided to follow up with a with director Nicholas Sweeney and producer Luke Malone to ... See the Rest

The Mitt Netflix Doc Looks Good

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... See the Rest