A Chat with Voguing Legend Luis Xtravaganza about the New Documentary “Strike a Pose”

A new documentary Strike a Pose – about the seven voguers from Madonna's fabled Blonde Ambition tour –premieres this month at the ... See the Rest

Open Call for Submissions to the First Ever Mockumentary Film Festival!

If A Mighty Wind is your favorite movie, if you can quote every line from This Is Spinal Tap, if you sometimes dress as Brüno in the ... See the Rest

New Doc “Sticky” Delves into the History of Masturbation

Sticky: A (Self) Love Story, from filmmaker Nicholas Tana, "hopes to wipe clean generations of misconceptions and general social embarrassments regarding masturbation." Interviews with  political activists, porn stars, sexologists, priests and rabbis – ... See the Rest

HuffPo Lists “Dressed as a Girl” as One of their Top 5 Gay Movies of 2015!

The East London drag documentary Dressed as a Girl – produced by Colin RothbartChris Amos, Christopher Hird and World of Wonder – was listed by Huffington Post blogger Adam Groffman as one of theSee the Rest

#WOWBestOf2015: Randy Barbato’s Favorite Things

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New Doc “The Witness” Debunks Myths Surrounding the Kitty Genovese Murder

It was the murder that shocked the nation and forever changed the way we view ourselves as a society. On March 13, 1964, a 28-year-old woman named Catherine ... See the Rest

Tyler Oakley Doc Coming Soon

Awesomeness Films has announced they are releasing a Tyler Oakley documentary – called Snervous Tyler Oakley – which ... See the Rest

#FundThis: A New Documentary “Playing Gay” Shows How TV Helped Win Marriage Equality

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