Koala Clap

Two of the boys from One Direction had an STD scare recently. Both Harry and Liam got peed on by a koala when they were down under.....em, in ... See the Rest

Bug In A Rug

Carpets are basically giant Petri dishes of filth. In Dirty Dishes, rug designer Bev Hisey takes that idea to the mat. In addition to the anthrax, ... See the Rest

Where the bald things are

At the Liepzig Zoo in Germany, of course. That's where all the female bears have suddenly lost their fur and no one is exactly sure why. Is it a ... See the Rest

squeazy & disease-y

Amazon is selling these adorable stuffed microbes. Embrace your syphilis (left)! Love your e. coli (right)! Also available: chlamydia, the ... See the Rest