Die Antwoord’s “Cookie Thumper”

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South African zef rappers Die Antwoord are disturbing and provocative, as always. Backup dancers with pillowcases over their faces, a toothless man in a prison cell, and the ever-demonic Yolandi Vi$$er, like the terrifying reincarnation of Rhoda Penmark, burning her schoolgirl uniform and peeing on the floor. This song gives me the willies in the ... See the Rest

The Yolandi Vi$$er Gif Shop


... See the Rest

Die Antwoord Responds to YouTube Comments about
“Fatty Boom Boom”

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In that way that they have. But don't expect to understand the video any better after watching this. For instance, there's no explanation for Yo-Landi's disturbing blackface. And the reason for the giant prawn in Lady Gaga's vagina is murky at best. But you aren't going to bored, that's for sure. ... See the Rest

Tune for Today: Die Antwoord’s “Fatty Boom Boom”

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From Exclaim: "The clip shows a Lady Gaga lookalike going on a tongue-and-cheek tour of Cape Town, South Africa. She sees lions, panthers, hyenas, and, of course, Die Antwood performing at on the sidewalk. While the faux-Gaga flees from gun-wielding muggers, the brightly painted rappers perform the song. We won't spoil the ending for you, but ... See the Rest

Street Seen


Oh, the things I do for this blog. There I was in rush hour traffic, straddling the divide in the middle of the road trying to get you a pic of this glorious stencil, cars whizzing past, one misstep and I would have been splattered all over the pavement. But it was worth it. From the corner of 6th and Fairfax in Los Angeles, I present to you: A ... See the Rest

Currently Trending: Die Antwoord’s “Baby’s on Fire”

baby's featured

Just two days on YouTube and the video's got almost 700,000 hits. They must be doing something deliciously wrong. (via Dangerous Minds) ... See the Rest

Die Antwoord Toys Available at San Francisco Gallery Show Tonight


In just about an hour, South African zef rappers Die Antwoord are opening a special one-night only installation inside of Upper Playground’s San Francisco gallery, FIFTY24SF, with special Evil Boy toys on sale. Upper Playground says that “select vinyl pieces will be hand-detailed by Die Antwoord’s Ninja." And they look FABULOUS. Die Antwoord’s ... See the Rest

Addressed to Thrill

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WOW Report reader Jeremy Rockerboy emailed me this morning to tell me about a celebrity encounter he had: "I met Die Antwoord yesterday in the most randomest of places in Chicago. So I'm going to Karyn's on Green, this vegetarian restaurant I go to. And I walk in, and all the employees are randomly gone for some reason. So I walk up to the front ... See the Rest