#MadderMax: Tom Hardy Covers Details (& Meets Mel Gibson)


Super-sexy Brit Tom Hardy reveals in the May issue of Details magazine, that meeting the original Mad Max, Aussie Mel Gibson, was kind of awkward: "I met Mel. I needed to meet Mel purely from a young man’s perspective. I wanted to touch base with the previous Max and just ... See the Rest

Brad Pitt Covers Details (Plus Break Dancing With Jimmy Fallon)

Video thumbnail for youtube video Brad Pitt Cover Details (Plus Break Dancing With Jimmy Fallon) - World of Wonder

So, you just got married to the one of the most beautiful women in the world, you've got 6 kids, a new movie (Fury. "If you don't see it I'll be FURIOUS!") and you're on the cover of Details with a portfolio shot by Mark Seliger, looking as hot as you actually are... "I first ... See the Rest

Painting Detail from Jenny Saville’s Bleach


I am just dazzled by that eye. Jenny Saville is a contemporary British painter known for her large-scale painted depictions of naked women. A sort of post-feminist Lucien Freud, if you will. Says Wikipedia: "Since her debut in 1992, Saville's focus has remained on the female ... See the Rest

Cover Boys

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Garrett Hedlund for Details and Sam Clafin (with Jennifer Lawrence) in full Catching Fire regalia in EW. ... See the Rest

Bad Eyebrow Hall of Fame

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(via Details) ... See the Rest

Jakey Boy on the Cover of Details


(via Towleroad) ... See the Rest

JGL covers Details

In what appears to be a bizarre case of reverse-Photoshopping, Details magazine has made Inception hottie Joseph Gordon-Levitt look OLDER than he really is. Instead of erasing those wrinkles, I swear they've ADDED them and HIGHLIGHTED them. Sure he's almost thirty, but would an ... See the Rest

Cover beat: Sam Worthington on Details, Kimmy on Armenian FHM

Sam is wearing an Avatar-blue sweater, lest you are so bored by his image you forget who he is and what his claim to fame is. Kim goes back to her roots for the Armenian edition of FHM. You can tell it's Armenian FHM, because they replaced the standard American cover line "How to ... See the Rest