Summer finds!

Summer's here! Time to brighten up your days with these must-have summer finds from Fred Flare! Pretty lady umbrellas! Tulip USB ports! Lego cameras! Yellow Submarine loose tea holder thingies! I need them all! (via Teacups & Couture) ... See the Rest

This decade’s fanny pack has arrived!

"The Digital Gear Quiver from Dew is the perfect shoulder strap for the iPod/iPhone owner on the go. Complete with a CONNECTEDwear-based keypad, an earphone management system, and fully-seamed waterproof stretch fabric, the Quiver offers comfort and control 'ideal for running, ... See the Rest


It's a see-through toaster, and that means no more burnt toast! Fifteen years in the baking making, you can only buy it in Britain and it costs a lot of dough.  According to the Daily Mail, "Modern toasters were invented by Frank Shailor, a technician with General Electric, ... See the Rest

Toaster Face

Truth to tell, my Dualit toaster at home is kaput. It only toasts random sides depending on its mood. Until James' post, it never crossed my mind to think about buying a new one. So many possibilities – Rollertoaster, Toaster Knife, and two curvey-wurvey sculptural things.  ... See the Rest