Adam and Joe’s Takeover TV – Dentist Visit

We have rebooted the classic WOW series See the Rest

Chatty Chaddy

Chaddy just had his wisdom teeth pulled, and you know what that means: He's about to go viral! After being assured by his mom that Russians aren't bad people, he goes on to chat about big hats, Panda Express, ice cream, and how wonderful it is when his dad builds fires. Then he ... See the Rest

Run, Logan!

So I think I've mentioned my dentist is right in the thick of Rodeo Drive, which I love, it's the only reason I go to him. That and he's REALLY CUTE, OMG. So there I was after my appointment, high as ... See the Rest

Dental, damn!

I'm totally tripping balls right now, but I wanted to show you the X-ray of my mouth. I was just at the dentist and they sliced me open, did some drilling,  and implanted GIANT FRANKENSTEIN-SIZED ... See the Rest