Woman Finds TERRIFYING CREATURE in Can of Tuna: UPDATED (It’s More Disgusting Than We Ever Imagined)

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A woman named Zoe Butler who hails from the United Kingdom, opened a can of Princess Tuna Chunks to find this MENACING SLUG MONSTER staring back at her with baleful black eyes. "Can you tell me ... See the Rest

Ariana Grande Covers Complex Magazine, Talks About Recent Demonic Encounter and Comparisons to Mariah Carey


On being haunted by a demon after visiting Stull cemetary in Kansas (which is known as one of THE SEVEN GATES TO HELL): “I felt this sick, overwhelming feeling of negativity over the whole car ... See the Rest

Jenna Jameson Interview Cut Short

Video thumbnail for youtube video Jenna Jameson Interview Cut Short - World of Wonder

http://youtu.be/RF-kXwtzGlM Because she was a blatant mess. Poor Jenna Jameson is still fighting those demons. She went on Good Day NY to pimp her novel Sugar, only to have her segment cut short (unbeknownst to her) because producers were scared of her mental state. I felt like ... See the Rest

Hot Look of the Day


The underwater Gatbar demon look: Coming to a Forever 21 near you! ... See the Rest

Truer Words

(via The Antipodean Homo) ... See the Rest

OMG! Could ‘terrifying demon ghost on earth attack a man to death 666′ be real?

Video thumbnail for youtube video OMG! Could 'terrifying demon ghost on earth attack a man to death 666' be real? - World of Wonder

All I know is that I have GOT to quit with the ketamine, that's for damn sure. I'm tired of seeing shrub-men in my closet. ... See the Rest

Terrifying owl-shaped water stain appears on my ceiling

I'm not crazy, right? It's totally an owl! Or Batman. It kind of looks like Batman. Sometimes late at night when I'm feeling a bit schizzy, I imagine it's the shadow of a See the Rest

Breaking News: sad-eyed hunk to star in TV show about vampires!

During last night's AbFab marathon on BBC America (I know: I'm old and gay), this commercial TOTALLY caught my eye. Sure, the vampire genre is stretched mighty thin at this point, but there's no denying the doe-eyed teen with the floppy bangs and gummy-worm lips who stars in it ... See the Rest