ReTHUGlicans on Climate Change: “It Ain’t Happening”


The weather's finally perking up. I don't usually discuss the weather, but it was a long, dreary winter here in NYC. I can't imagine what Boston was like. I remember going out several times in January and an icy, howling wind destroyed my wig and threatened to pull my lashes off ... See the Rest

The Elizabeth Warren GIF Shop


FULL QUOTE: "This is a democracy, and in a democracy, hostage tactics are the last resort for those who can’t win their fights through elections, can’t win their fights in Congress, can’t win their fights for the presidency, and can’t win their fights in the courts. For this ... See the Rest

Democrats Drop The Repeal of DOMA!

The Democrats have apparently dropped the repeal of DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) as one of their civil rights goals according to the Democratic Party’s new “civil rights” section of its website. The new set of commitments read as follows: • Strengthening the Justice ... See the Rest