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Demi Lovato’s Nude Pics Were Leaked

                  Which begs the question: WHY ARE  WE STILL SENDING NUDE PICS ... See the Rest

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Demi Lovato Scolds Lady Gaga for SXSW Performance: UPDATED

Demi Lovato – who knows a thing or two about addiction and eating disorders – takes Lady Gaga to task for the oh-so-glamorous ARTISTIC UPCHUCKING ... See the Rest

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Demi Lovato Bikini Body Ody Ody

She's feelin' it! Kudos to Demi Lovato for being able to do this. Don't forget, she was in rehab to deal with cocaine abuse, but also an eating ... See the Rest

Quote Unquote: Demi Lovato

"That's fucked up" – Demi Lovato, seen whispering on the X Factor, when they blindsided her with a skit mocking her addiction. Demi is said to be ... See the Rest

Demi Lovato arrives at her book signing for 'Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year' held at Barnes & Noble - The Grove in Los Angeles

Demi Lovato Is Done with the X Factor

I didn't watch the X Factor, but if there was going to be a reason for me to watch, it was Demi Lovato. I just adore this girl and her voice just ... See the Rest

Demi Lovato attends NYLON + McDonald's Dec/Jan issue launch party, hosted by cover star Demi Lovato at Quixote Studios in West Hollywood

Demi Lovato Needed Nose Candy Every 30 Minutes

And she wasn't beneath smuggling it onto planes, trains and automobiles to get it. Demi Lovato opened up to Access Hollywood about how deep her ... See the Rest

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Celebrity Roundup 11/20/13

1. Demi Lovato, looking lovely at the Frozen premiere in Hollywood. 2. Legendary Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci (Last Tango in Paris, The ... See the Rest

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Demi Lovato Is Guapa On the Cover of Latina

Demi Lovato is growing up quickly and told Latina just how grown she really is. Demi told the mag, "I’m a Texas girl, so my instinct is to have babies ... See the Rest