Coffins Are So 20th Century. Organic Burial Pods Are All the Rage Now

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It's the circle of life: You live, you die, you become a tree. The Capsula Mundi Project has developed an organic, biodegradable burial capsule that will turn the deceased’s body into nutrients for a tree that will grow out of their remains. After being encapsulated in the fetal position, the deceased is buried and either a tree or tree seed ... See the Rest

“The Interview” Kim Jong-un Death Scene Leaked – Watch Here


The death scene of Kim Jong-un in Sony's The Interview has leaked online. Watch as Kim Jong-un is blown to bits to the tune of Katy Perry's "Firework." It's kind of... uncomfortable. Now... who knows where we can get the full movie? Latest gossip is that it may be released straight to pay-per-view, to avoid any violence in movie theaters. ... See the Rest

Joan Rivers’ Cause of Death Determined

joan rivers

Joan Rivers' cause of death has been determined, but the New York State Health Department is continuing its “full investigation” of the clinic where Rivers was being treated. Rivers was sedated with propofol before she died of low blood oxygen during a procedure to treat voice changes and acid reflux, according to the New York City medical ... See the Rest

Doomsday Scenario: We’re All Going to Die From AIRBORNE Ebola


Um.... not to be an alarmist but: According to the UN's Ebola response chief, the longer the Ebola epidemic continues infecting people unabated, the higher the chances it will mutate and become AIRBORNE. And then where will we all be? DEAD WITHIN A YEAR. Anthony Banbury, the Secretary General's Special Representative, told the Telegraph that aid ... See the Rest

Legend Joan Rivers has Passed Away

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers has passed away, according to her daughter Melissa Rivers. Joan left the world in such stark contrast to the way she lived in it, with a powerful and unstoppable force. I always expected Joan to go out in front of a live audience in the most spectacularly dramatic way imaginable (I think that's what she would have wanted). People are ... See the Rest

Reaction Video to the Big Viper/Mountain Fight Scene on Game of Thrones

Video thumbnail for youtube video Reaction Video to the Big Viper/Mountain Fight Scene on Game of Thrones - World of Wonder

If you STILL haven't seen it yet, don't expect me to coddle you. SHIT WENT DOWN Sunday night when Oberyn and the Mountain faced off to determine Tyrion's fate in a Trial by Combat – and I'm not going to lie: IT WAS BAD. Like, the GORIEST FIVE MINUTES in Game of Thrones history. Watch the patrons of the Burlington bar react to the big victory, the ... See the Rest

L’Wren Scott’s Eerie Pic Posted After Her Death: Plus Mick Jagger’s Tribute


Both L'Wren Scott’s Facebook and Twitter profiles (which have since been deleted, along with her Instagram account) continued to update after news of her death was confirmed, confusing everyone as to whether this was just another celeb death hoax. A pre-written post containing this photo had been scheduled to automatically publish on her account, ... See the Rest

Not Dead Yet! Man Wakes Up Kicking in Body Bag

in body bag

HOW is this real? In Mississippi, Walter Williams was officially pronounced dead, PLACED into a body bag to be prepped for embalming, and then WOKE UP! The coroner could only explain it was "a miracle," aka a big F-UP, as Walter's pacemaker suddenly started working. I guess nobody is perfect, even coroners – human error accounts for something, dead ... See the Rest