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Reaction Video to the Big Viper/Mountain Fight Scene on Game of Thrones

If you STILL haven't seen it yet, don't expect me to coddle you. SHIT WENT DOWN Sunday night when Oberyn and the Mountain faced off to determine ... See the Rest


L’Wren Scott’s Eerie Pic Posted After Her Death: Plus Mick Jagger’s Tribute

Both L'Wren Scott’s Facebook and Twitter profiles (which have since been deleted, along with her Instagram account) continued to update after news of ... See the Rest

in body bag

Not Dead Yet! Man Wakes Up Kicking in Body Bag

HOW is this real? In Mississippi, Walter Williams was officially pronounced dead, PLACED into a body bag to be prepped for embalming, and then WOKE ... See the Rest


About Last Night’s Episode of Glee “The Quarterback”

Here's what The Washington Post had to say about last night's episode of Glee, which finally (sort of) addressed Corey Monteith's death: "The episode ... See the Rest


OMG So Fun, You’ll Die: The Euthanasia Coaster

(via Billy Beyond) ... See the Rest


They Say You Can’t Take It with You

But apparently these guys took their life ever-after quite literally. Forget Jesus and weeping angels, give 'em a perma-crossword, a marble living ... See the Rest

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Game of Thrones “In Memoriam” Video

Just before the Game of Thrones panel started at Comic-Con, HBO screened this "In Memoriam" video paying homage to all the characters who have died on ... See the Rest

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First Look: The Bat Family Reacts to Robin’s Death

Upcoming covers from various DC titles show the impact young Damian Wayne's death is having on the members of Batman's extended crime fighting family. ... See the Rest