#HolyCrapHolyCrapHolyCrap It’s Your First Look at The Suicide Squad Trailer and Jared Leto KILLS IT!

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Over the weekend, grainy footage from the Suicide Squad panel at Comic-Con leaked and MY LORD, you would have thought the world was ending the way everybody FREAKED THE FUCK OUT. With no choice but to get ahead of the tsunami of bootleg ... See the Rest

Ben Affleck to Write, Direct, and Star in Standalone Batman Movie

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Variety reporting that Ben Affleck is in negotiations write, direct, and ... See the Rest

DC Comics’ Super-Gay History


It's gay pride month, and DC Comics has posted a video compilation of their various LGBT characters and storylines in their comics – from the ... See the Rest

Will Smith Premieres His Deadshot Costume – to Resounding Groans

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Gotta say, I'm getting a little worried about Suicide Squad. Not only is it falling victim to over-casting (with everybody in Hollywood getting a part), but we're beginning ... See the Rest

The Teaser for the Trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Is Here

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This morning, the world awoke to the tweet announcing the teaser for the trailer (God, I hate modern media rollouts) for the long-awaited Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In its brief 21 seconds, we see the batsuit, the supersuit, and the (by-now familiar) ... See the Rest

OMG, Did Jared Leto Just Preview His Joker Voice?

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We're getting a looooooong rollout for Jared's Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. First, he bleached his hair. Then OFF came the eyebrows. Now, we may have POSSIBLY heard the voice he's going to use as the Clown Prince of ... See the Rest

First Look: Jason Momoa as Aquaman

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Trending of the hashtag #unitetheseven is underway as the first image of Jason Momoa as Aquaman was tweeted out by Director of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of the Justice, Zach Snyder. ... See the Rest

How Superheroes Would Have Looked in the 16th Century

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French photographer Sacha Goldberger has created a fabulous photo series of superheroes, supervillains, and some rando Star Wars characters re-imagined as 16th-century Flemish portrait models. One of the most striking things about the “Super Flamands” photo series, other than ... See the Rest