OMG, Did Jared Leto Just Preview His Joker Voice?

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We're getting a looooooong rollout for Jared's Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. First, he bleached his hair. Then OFF came the eyebrows. Now, we may have POSSIBLY heard the voice he's going to use as the Clown Prince of Crime. At at recent 30 Seconds to Mars concert, he introduced one of the songs in a super-scary, gravely sort of voice ... See the Rest

First Look: Jason Momoa as Aquaman

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Trending of the hashtag #unitetheseven is underway as the first image of Jason Momoa as Aquaman was tweeted out by Director of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of the Justice, Zach Snyder. Momoa, known for his most famous role on Game of Thrones, looks like he's been training to play the sea dwelling hero Khal Drogo his entire life. It's just, I can't. ... See the Rest

How Superheroes Would Have Looked in the 16th Century

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French photographer Sacha Goldberger has created a fabulous photo series of superheroes, supervillains, and some rando Star Wars characters re-imagined as 16th-century Flemish portrait models. One of the most striking things about the “Super Flamands” photo series, other than the brilliant idea itself, is the fact that it isn’t Photoshopped. ... See the Rest

The First OUT Super-Hero?: Ezra Miller Is The New Flash

Ezra Miller arrives for the premiere of 'On the Road' at the SVA Theater in New York City

Ezra Miller, from The Perks of Being a Wallflower, will play The Flash in Warner Bros. superhero feature film based on the DC Comic. This makes Miller — who identified himself as “queer” in an interview with Out — the first LGBT actor to play a MAJOR superhero in a feature film. Miller will star in The Flash in 2018 after hopefully appearing in ... See the Rest

Dwayne Johnson Is Maybe Possibly Defnitely Playing Shazam in the Justice League Movie

Video thumbnail for youtube video Dwayne Johnson Is Maybe Possibly Defnitely Playing Shazam in the Justice League Movie - World of Wonder

There's been talk for some time that Dwayne Johnson will be playing a DC superhero in one of their upcoming films. Speculation has usually centered on Green Lantern John Stewart, Lobo, or Black Adam. But in an interview with Total Film, while promoting his new film Hercules, Johnson heavily hinted that the character would be Shazam aka Captain ... See the Rest

NERDGASM: Brandon Routh Joins the Cast of Arrow… As the Atom

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Trying to give Marvel a run for their money, no doubt, by getting the Atom out there before Antman, TVLine has announced that former Superman Brandon Routh has been cast in the role of Ray Palmer aka The Atom for the upcoming third season of Arrow.  The site reports that Palmer will serve as a love interest for Felicity Smoak as well as become the ... See the Rest

The Flash Preview: Meet Detective Prettyboy

Video thumbnail for youtube video The Flash Preview: Meet Detective Prettyboy - World of Wonder

In this Flash featurette, we meet "Detective Prettyboy" aka Eddie Thawne, who loyal comic fans know is really Flash's nemesis PROFESSOR ZOOM. Or he will be, no doubt, later on in the series. For now, he's just another hot detective at the Central City Police Department. Eddie is played by real-life prettyboy Rick Gosnett, and both he and Candice ... See the Rest

OMGOMGOMG: The Extended for The Flash Is Here

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Fanboys were wetting themselves last night when the CW aired this extended trailer for the upcoming Flash series. It certainly looks exciting. We got an ADORABLE Barry Allen (in bulgy SPANDEX, no less), a hot (and rather randomly retconned) Iris West, a quick tease of Professor Zoom (to be played by the yummy Rick Cosnett) and a kind-of cute, ... See the Rest