First Look: Marjorie Conrad’s “Chemical Cut” Is Here!

Marjorie Conrad has made a phenomenal feature film, Chemical Cut about the misadventures of a fashion model. Featuring a bevvy of Wowlebrities, including Deven Green, Ian Coster, David Keeps, Stephen Saban, Michael Lucid, Omar Hernandez, ... See the Rest

Out and About LA: David Keeps to Speak at Decorative Arts and Design Council at LACMA

Tuesday, November 12 at LACMA, wowlebrity David Keeps (See the Rest

Esquire 8-Pack

The fabulous David Keeps, producer of Esquire's 80th, writes: In its 80 years of publishing, Esquire has produced some 950 covers. (You'd think the math would be easier to do, but there have been some double issues along the way.) Esquire became justifiably famous for its covers ... See the Rest

Esquire’s 80th

David Keeps, producer of Esquire's 80th writes: The salty sailor on the left is named Esky, the official mascot of ... See the Rest

At the Fair

After many years of fully intending to go to the Los Angeles County Fair in Pomona, yesterday we actually did, with our wowlebrity pal David Keeps, spending the 100-degree day eating deep-fired Snickers bars; seeking shade; petting goats, sheep, and llamas; riding the lame Ferris ... See the Rest

The Daily Freak Show: James St. James at the June 2012 World of Wonder Cocktail Mixer

httpvh:// At the monthly WOW cocktail mixer at Boardner's last week honoring the feature doc Room 237, James St. James got to chat with the filmmaker Rodney Ascher and the other fabulous party-goers. James ... See the Rest

Must See Art: Anne Veraldi at DNJ Gallery

[blackbirdpie url="!/RuPaul/status/115526086116388864"]If you're in the Los Angeles area any time between September 17 and November 12 you should definitely check out artist See the Rest


This past weekend WOW's own Fenton Bailey had a fabulous birthday bash at Yamashiro in the Hollywood Hills, attended by scores of beloved wowlebrities. Spotted at ... See the Rest