#LiveShow: Unitard’s “House Of Tards” Is In LA This Week! …And Back In NYC, March 19!


These guys! I've known them for YEARS and I've seen this HILARIOUS show (twice!) in NYC, so stop the streaming and start your screaming, Los Angeles! Unitard is in town! The comedy trio of Mike Albo, Nora Burns and David Ilku, are a few years older (aren't we all?) but they're still hot enough to parade around on stage half-naked, skewering ... See the Rest

Unitard: House of Tards Tonight At The Stonewall Inn


I've known these guys for years. Nora Burns, Mike Albo and David Ilku are Unitard, the long-running sketch comedy troupe. I thought I might describe or review the show, "House of Tards" but, I have to admit, it all comes so fast and funny, that I don't have the skills to adequately prepare you for what they deliver. Suffice it to say that's it's ... See the Rest

Only In New York: We Are Fam-il-y, Part II


So, Thursday night was the second installment of Nora Burn's New York Stories at the Stonewall Inn. I was lucky enough to be in attendance, as well as tell of my own little slice of Big Apple pie. The lineup (other than yours truly) was pretty legendary, as was the audience, who likely had stories that were just as good. We learned that: Nora ... See the Rest

The Profane: That Bunny Is A Killer Clown!


I know, JSJ already covered this show but I went last night with pals Susan Kilkenny, Aleta Wolfe and Billy Cole and half of downtown showed up to see The Lady as well. In the audience were old pals Jimmy Paul, Jack Pierson, Booty, David Yarritu, David Ilku, Ian Luce, and many, many more. (The blurry photo above is Bunny with the B52s Fred ... See the Rest

New York Stories II: 80s / 90s Edition


So, Nora Burns (of the fabulous Unitard) is hosting another night of her New York Stories. (I get nervous even mentioning it as I'm on the list of story tellers this time.) From the announcement: "Do you remember when New York City was a wonderland of fabulous freaks and misfit toys? When there were hookers instead of the Highline and you ... See the Rest

Only in New York: David Ilku IS “Tina Turnstile”

Video thumbnail for youtube video Only In New York: David Ilku IS Tina Turnstile - World of Wonder

The New York Mayoral primary is over and it looks like Bill DeBlasio will be the Democratic candidate. That might not mean much if you live elsewhere, but Tina Turnstile must be relieved that Bloomberg's buddy Christine Quinn is out. See what Tina has to say about the city she loves. Oh, and btw, after Anthony Weiner conceded with 2% of the vote ... See the Rest

More Lauren Zalaznick hosting The World According to Wonder Party in NYC

Screen shot 2013-01-31 at 9.17.19 PM

  ... See the Rest