#ShareTheLove: Elton John & David Furnish Got Married Yesterday

Sir Elton John and David Furnish officially married Sunday on the ninth anniversary their civil partnership, under new laws implemented in England earlier this year that ... See the Rest

Wedding News: Neil Patrick Harris Ties The Knot With David Burtka In Italy

Tony winner (and Wowlebrity) Neil Patrick Harris 41, and David Burtka, 39, tied the knot on Saturday in Italy. The couple, ... See the Rest

Amen: Elton Says “Jesus Would Have Supported Gay Marriage”

Sir Elton John plans to marry his David Furnish next year in a "very quiet" ceremony, and said in an interview with Sky News that rules preventing gay clergy from marrying and requiring Catholic priests to be celibate were "old and stupid things". "The church hierarchy, the ... See the Rest


Elton John and David Furnish dropped by the Abbey Sunday afternoon. (via See the Rest

Better Homos and Gardens

Wanting to raise their kid in a larger house, piano player Elton John and husband David Furnish sold their Sierra Towers two-unit condo in Westwood and purchased this Beverly Hills house listed at $7,695,000. The redesigned midcentury modern has a kind of yellow brick road ... See the Rest

Quote Unquote

“I think it was a fluke. When this happens you have to question the integrity of the awards. Did Madonna get the Golden Globe because she attended the awards and agreed be a presenter? Can you sing Madonna’s song? Can you hum it? It’s a song nobody has heard, from a film few have ... See the Rest

To Sir With Love

Sir Elton John has plans to make a movie of his life, called Rocketman, which is being produced by – wait for it – husband David Furnish, and the Scottish actor James McAvoy has already offered to portray the singing homo. According to coproducer Steve Hamilton Shaw, the film ... See the Rest