David Archuleta (Who?) Denounces Gay Marriage on Twitter

That's it. I'm OUT OF THE FAN CLUB. I'm throwing away my David Archuleta CDs and ripping up my posters. Over the weekend, the American Idol season 7 FORMER fan favorite David Arhuleta sent ... See the Rest

The Most Important News of the Day: David Archuleta Is Back from His Missionary Work

Singing cartoon dimple David Archuleta has just returned from a two-year Mormon mission in Chile. Has it really been two years? Seems like yesterday he was Watch Now

David Archuleta Has a New Album!

For someone who gave up showbiz to pursue the Mormon ministry, he ... See the Rest

David Archuleta LIIIIIIIIIED!

Remember all the hullaballoo last month when David Archuleta announced during his Salt Lake City concert that he was giving up show biz to serve ... See the Rest

David Archuleta Puts His Music Career on Hold to Serve God

What career, you ask? Don't be a bitch. The little cutie tearfully told an audience last night that he's putting his music career on hold to  devote his life to a full time mission to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. His sad little breakdown is a must-see, but ... See the Rest

David Archuleta shocker: ‘I’ve never been kissed!’

Uh-uh. No way. I'm not touching this story with a ten-foot pole. Keepin' my mouth shut. YOU, however, are free to speculate about his sexuality, his abusive father, and how people who have been molested often retain their high-pitched, baby-ish voices into adulthood (according to ... See the Rest

And then my other fantasy was fufilled

This one's easy. We'll call them "Zaculeta." (via LA Rag Mag) ... See the Rest

‘tweens, queens, and a few men from NAMBLA’ show up for a David Archuleta book signing

My baby, of course, just "wrote" a book called Chords of Strength (very inspirational, you know. He's been through SO MUCH. *rolls eyes*). A couple of die-hard Archie fans went to the NYC book signing at Borders and the resulting video will have you in stitches. Can we get these ... See the Rest