Bollywood Lip Sync: This Indian Bear Does A KILLER Pinki Dance!

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 9.52.16 AM

What's a pinki dance? I'm not THAT familiar with Bollywood dances and all the moves but it doesn't take an expert to see this guy's got them DOWN. Maybe he needs to be an advisor on a future RuPaul's Drag Race challenge... can't you see it? What's more over the top than Bollywood drag? ... See the Rest

YoYo Champion Gentry Stein Will Leave You Slack-Jawed

Video thumbnail for youtube video Yoyo Champion, Gentry Stein, Will Leave You Slack-Jawed - World of Wonder

Yummy yoyo god Gentry Stein wins the world championship at the C3yoyodesign Present WYYC2014 1A Champion compition, with his absolutely mental routine to Pegboard Nerds and Tristam's glitch-hop classic "Razor Sharp." This kid must KILL at Electric Daisy. And even if you think you don't care about yoyoing, you really have to see him in action to ... See the Rest

Lily Allen’s Spanx Dance

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Do you see yet why I am so in love with Lily Allen? No? Watch the video. She is a good and I love it! She is dancing topless, in Spanx shorts, to Drake. What's not to love? ... See the Rest

Watch This: Nude Men Dance With Towels on Stage

nude towel dance

I'm not sure which country this video originates from. It looks sort of like  (insert name of a country)'s Got Talent. ... Watch Now

Gavin Morales Was Born To Dance

Video thumbnail for youtube video Gavin Morales Was Born To Dance - World of Wonder This child is eight years old. Eight. It's Gavin Morales' second year of dancing and this is the outcome? The only was to dance like this after only two years of training is passion. He was literally born to dance. What a massive future he has if he can stay focused. Wow. ... See the Rest

The Full Diesel

Video thumbnail for youtube video The Full Diesel - World of Wonder   Here is the full seven minute 30 second video of Vin Diesel lip syncing for his life. Enjoy....or don't. ... See the Rest

What I Am Learning Now

Video thumbnail for youtube video What I Am Learning Now - World of Wonder

... See the Rest

Cute Gay Boy Kills Burlesque

Video thumbnail for youtube video Cute Gay Boy Kills Burlesque - World of Wonder OMG. How many times have I watched this cute boy tear up Burlesque? Too many to qualify me as sane. Living for the hands on the boobs dress. Feeling. It. ... See the Rest