Hungarian Dogs Dancing with Dogs

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Sweating to the Surreal

So if you think Dancing With Dogs is quirky or strange, take a look at some surreal aeorobic dancing with poodles...  Says See the Rest

The Poop on WOW’s Dancing With Dogs

In this Entertainment Tonight segment on World of Wonder's Dancing With Dogs special airing tomorrow night at 9PM on Animal ... See the Rest

Dancing with Dogs: The Show That Will Give You Pause

Actor-comedian Alec Mapa, host of World of Wonder's Dancing With Dogs special, paid a visit yesterday to Fox's The Morning ... See the Rest

It’s Teamwork, Bitch!

If anyone tells you that we're not team players here at WOW, they're lying. We flew half the company to Rhode Island to film our special, Dancing With Dogs, which premieres on Animal Planet this Saturday at 9PM. And when we needed somebody to step up and play the dog so we could ... See the Rest

Putting on the Dog

Oh sure, when we French kiss a dog in public it tends to clear the room, but when a comely chick in a sexy getup does it it's called "required viewing" by the See the Rest

Pup Culture

This photo from World of Wonder's Jon Reiner suggests that perhaps the perfect sequel to our Dancing With Dogs show on Animal Planet (premiering this Saturday at 9PM) might be Spooning With Dogs. His dogs, of course. ... See the Rest

Dancing With Dogs

Time flies when you're having fun and we had a blast making the canine competition Dancing With Dogs for Animal Planet (it premieres this Saturday at ... See the Rest